Here's What Would Really Happen If You Stopped Bathing

You’ve probably gone a few days without showering — maybe a week. But let’s say you don’t bathe for days on end — as in you use no soap, no water, no nothing.

What would happen?

You’re likely to get seriously stinky, for sure (though you may be surprised to learn that sweat itself is odorless).

And that’s only one of the things you’d have to worry about. Just check out the video above to find out about some of the more harmful — even potentially deadly — side effects of eliminating your hygiene routine.

Video produced by Eva Hill. Script by Macrina Cooper-White. Voiceover by Dino Grandoni.

Special thanks to: Dr. Lauren Ploch, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Michael G. Schmidt, PhD., Julie Segre, PhD., Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar, Compound Interest, American Academy of Dermatology.

Source: Huff Post

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