Hillary Clinton Backs Obama On Iran Agreement

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a statement in support of the framework for a nuclear agreement with Iran on Thursday evening, saying that a “high bar” must be set for a final deal and that Iran “can never be permitted to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Clinton, who said during the 2008 election that then-Sen. Barack Obama’s willingness to meet with Iran without precondition was “irresponsible and frankly naive,” praised Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for their work on the deal.

“The understanding that the major world powers have reached with Iran is an important step toward a comprehensive agreement that would prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and strengthen the security of the United States, Israel, and the region,” she said in the statement. “Getting the rest of the way to a final deal by June won’t be easy, but it is absolutely crucial. I know well that the devil is always in the details in this kind of negotiation.”

Clinton, who is expected to launch a presidential campaign soon, also said that she “strongly supported” efforts by Kerry and Obama to reach a final deal in June that “verifiably cuts off all of Iran’s paths to a nuclear weapon, imposes an intrusive inspection program with no sites off limits, extends breakout time, and spells out clear and overwhelming consequences for violations.

“The onus is on Iran and the bar must be set high,” she said.

Obama said on Thursday that the agreement was a “historic understanding” that could “cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon” if it was implemented.

Clinton wasn’t the only potential presidential candidate to weigh in on potential deal on Thursday. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) criticized the agreement, saying in a statement that the terms agreed to did not justify lifting international sanctions.

“The reported details of the Iran deal include significant concessions to a nation whose leaders call for death to America and the destruction of Israel. Iran remains a major destabilizing force in the region, working against American interests,” Bush said in a statement. “I cannot stand behind such an agreement.”
Source: Huff Post

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