Instruction on Grace


This is the instruction I have been given on grace.

Grace cannot be taken. Grace can be received.

Grace is knowing: Don’t make it worse. When things are difficult, no action is required. Waiting is the beginning of grace. Restraint is the beginning of grace.

Grace has the word race in it. And sometimes you can move very quickly when you are filled with grace. The way a car seems to drive better if it has more fuel. You know you have reserves. You can go without thinking about it. Grace. Go with grace.

When you say grace before a meal you say you understand that you and the food are one. There is no separation between you and the food. Or you and anything else. There is no separateness. Separation is illusion. Moving with that knowledge is moving with grace.

Grace is subtle.

When you receive, honor receiving. When you give, honor receiving.

Court grace by being open and willing and prepared to receive. Be prepared for grace by believing that grace may come to find you. Be prepared for grace to suddenly dance out of the dark forest of a punishing day and into your life. Like a ballerina dancing out from the inky wings and leaping off stage and into your lap. But remember you have to buy a ticket to that ballet. Or at least accept your friend’s plus one.

Grace is putting other people first. But not putting yourself second. Putting yourself at 0. Isness. Not positive. Not negative. The fulcrum. That steadiness holds grace.

Grace is yes.

Grace is looking at a blank page and having no fear.

Grace is the courage to desire deeply with no attachment to results.

Watch those who have grace. Watch them and pray that their grace seeps in through your open eyes, melting down into your heart, rooting there like a perennial, ready to bloom again and again.

Grace doesn’t care for the mean. Stay away from mean. Grace shies away from resentment. But grace is forgiving and will come back later. When you are done. If you are done. Be done. For now.

Grace is for now. A cheerleader for now. Grace whispers in your ear. I’m leaving soon so love me now, love me well, I may stay a little longer. Feed me, I might stay for that.

Grace loves to be shared.

Grace is the fountain of youth.

Never be proud of grace. Never be ashamed.

Sometimes you have a moment of grace and you think oh that’s nice. That’s not nice, that’s grace. When the lights are all green and people are smiling and the call came in and you did a kindness and it felt so wonderful and the shirt fits right and in your heart you understand how the universe works and you don’t care that you can’t put it into words. This is grace. And it happens more if you know it is grace while it is happening.

Grace is profound. And when you have grace, found is what you are. Lost you are when grace seems far. Grace can leave but be nearby. Try to keep a space for grace and there grace will come, more and more often. Until you can close your eyes and feel it happen. For you are ready to receive. Receive and share.

This is the instruction I received on grace.
Source: Huff Post

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