Japanese Shipping Company Advertises With … Giant Pettable Cat Head??

A Japanese shipping company is doing some strange things to convince consumers it’s the cat’s meow.

On Tuesday, Kuroneko Yamato — or Black Cat Yamato — installed a a giant billboard that is nothing but a humongous cat’s face at Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, according to Kotaku.com

The giant black cat face features plush, pettable fur, a nose with actual nostril holes big enough to fit a human han, and giant eyes that stare right through you, WTFark reports.

Although the billboard is attracting lots of selfies, it will be a while before w know if it increases business.

Kuroneko Yamato is no stranger to bizarre branding techniques.

Last July, Kuroneko Yamato started making employees wear pawprint gloves as a way to advertise that any parcels delivered by the company would be handled as delicately as a mother cat handles its own child, RocketNews24.com reports.

giant pettable cat

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Source: Huff Post

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