Javier Bardem 'Can't Wait' To See 'Spectre' Either

The upcoming 24th James Bond film is as secretive as 007’s assignment papers. All we know about “Spectre” is that it will involve the sinister organization of its title, there will be an epic action sequence in Austria, and Christophe Waltz’ character name is Franz Oberhauser, who may or may not actually be famous Bond villain Blofeld.

We asked one of the best Bond villains ever if he had some advice for Waltz’s possible bad guy. Javier Bardem, who played Raoul Silva in “Skyfall,” told The Huffington Post over the phone, “I don’t think [Waltz] needs any advice, he’s an amazing actor. I’m sure he’s going to do something truly fantastic.” Bardem went on to say that he’s looking forward to “Spectre” just as much as we are. “I can’t wait to see that movie.”

The Academy Award winning actor also reminisced on his time filming “Skyfall” with Daniel Craig. “I had the best time in my life doing that movie, really,” Bardem said. “We had so much fun doing that scene, the presentation of Silva scene. We were laughing.”

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But for now, Bardem is promoting his latest film, “The Gunman,” which follows Sean Penn as a former Special Forces sniper who goes on the run after threats from a successful assassination. Bardem, who is only in three sequences in the film, said he joined the movie to share screen time with Penn, an actor he’s long admired. The two also worked together on “The Last Face,” Penn’s upcoming second directorial effort.

“There is nothing I don’t admire about Sean,” Bardem said. “I truly admire so many aspects of him. […] Working with him as [my] director was like being on a cloud.”

“The Gunman” is now playing in theaters.
Source: Huff Post

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