January 25, 2021

Jeb Bush: Not His Father, Not His Brother!


Jeb Bush may have the money and the big time donors, but he doesn’t have the personality. Jeb’s father proved that personality isn’t the most important character trait in a presidential candidate. But with the advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the failure of bland candidates like Al Gore, the American people have spoken. They want an exciting, riveting, jaw-dropping, and hope-inspiring President. As the “compassionate conservative” era comes to an end, Jeb continues to try and separate himself from his brother. And he’s right. He is not his brother.

George W. Bush had more charisma and is more relatable than Jeb. George W. had it all: a southern twang, clear eyes, an easy smile, and the Governor of Florida as his brother. Unfortunately, Jeb isn’t that lucky, and it’s also not the year 2000! This is a different election. This is an election about kitchen table issues – and I don’t mean the kitchen tables of donors like private equity firm heads Miguel and Constance Fernandez or Henry Kravis. I mean the kitchen tables of single mothers, store clerks, dental hygienists, and fathers who work the graveyard shift.

Even though Jeb Bush has not formally declared his candidacy, he has been on a fundraising crusade from Palm Springs to the ritzy North Chicago Suburb of Lake Forest. And let’s not forget his fundraising dinner in Coral Gables, FL, courting donors at the Fernandez residence.

Jeb may be able to outspend his competition, but will he be able to relate to the everyday Americans that can’t donate $100,000 like they’re buying McChicken sandwiches from the dollar menu. This Bush’s strategy is simple! Get all the money you can, as fast as you can, and dry up the donor base of your opponents. Unfortunately, this “fundraise your way to the top” strategy may be more of a “failure to launch”!

If you aren’t able to connect with everyday voters, it really doesn’t matter how much money you have in your campaign accounts. Huge donors and riches didn’t work for Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, or even Mitt Romney in 2012!

America, money alone doesn’t translate into votes!

Jeb Bush’s name has allowed him to court some big dollar donors – but a name is not enough. He doesn’t have his father’s statesmen abilities, or his brother’s “love to hate” or “love to love” personality – he is just stuck in the spin cycle of “pale, stale, and male.”

People, if there is one GOP candidate that shouldn’t be the nominee, it’s Jeb Bush. He might have all the money and the name recognition. But while he is not his brother or his father, he has all the same ingredients that run in the family to further pillage our communities, destroy our global credibility, and decimate America’s middle class.

Richard Fowler is the youngest syndicated progressive and/or African-American radio host in the United States.

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Source: Huff Post

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