Jerked Around After All These Years

John Kerry, the Secretary of State, has yet to notch a significant diplomatic victory in the second administration of President Obama. However he seems less hapless on this score today than yesterday. After endless hours of fruitless negotiations toward a peace settlement in 2013-2014, it turns out that his opposite Israeli interlocutor, Benjamin Netanyahu, was not negotiating in good faith. Though Netanyahu grudgingly supported the idea of a Palestinian state one time, in 2009, he did nothing to encourage it, and on March 16 he revealed his true colors which many suspect was his position all along: in a last-minute effort for votes, he said that as long as he is Prime Minister, there will not be a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu’s position directly opposes the American policy in favor of a two-state solution that has been in place since the Six-Day War of 1967.

The European reaction to this drastic change of policy will not be kind to Mr. Netanyahu. As for the United States, Netanyahu, assuming he remains in power, will be in a deep freeze with an already turned-off Barack Obama and will have to wait for the next American presidency in 2016 for any significant possibility of improvement.
Source: Huff Post

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