Karlie Kloss Makes Her Music Video Debut For Chic's 'I'll Be There'

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss just graced the cover of Vogue magazine together, and now it looks like their friendship is rubbing off on each other even more: Kloss just made her music video debut.

The 22-year-old appears in the new Chic video featuring Nile Rodgers for “I’ll Be There,” which is the band’s first single in years. Kloss — who’s seen writhing around on the ground in black underwear and executing Jane Fonda-style ab moves — does all the things normal people would do when they listen to music by themselves… if they were supermodels.

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Kloss makes a few outfit changes throughout the video, switching from a red sweatshirt and black lingerie to a glitter dress. She eventually slips into an intricately cutout white number. So “chic.”

We do have one request for the next music video Kloss stars in: make it Taylor Swift’s!

H/T Nylon
Source: Huff Post

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