Larry Wilmore Knows The Real Reason Men Call Women 'Sluts'

We have a slut problem, and Larry Wilmore knows it.

On the March 25 episode of “The Nightly Show,” Wilmore talked about what the word “slut” really means.

Referencing a college student’s infamous tweet that branded 13-year-old baseball star Mo’Ne Davis a “slut,” Wilmore called for widespread recognition that the term “slut” has nothing to do with a woman’s actions — or perceived actions.

Wilmore’s definition is pretty much perfect:

Back in my day, a slut was a girl who developed faster than you both physically and emotionally, she dabbled in healthy sexual experimentation, which was intimidating, or she refused to have sex with you, which was frustrating. And so to punish her for making you feel bad, you called her a slut.

Watch the full episode here.

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Source: Huff Post

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