CAST: BLM (Black-looking me), WLSW (White-looking saleswoman) and TABW (The angry Black woman)

SETTING: March 2015. A weekday morning. The bedding/housewares department in the local branch of one of the largest department stores in America. BLM wears a t-shirt from highly competitive School X.

BLM: Miss, are these towels part of the sale?

The WLSW stares at BLM’s t-shirt.

WLSW: School X. You must be lucky. That’s a hard school to get into.

BLM: It wasn’t luck. I worked hard in high school. Are the towels on sale?

WLSW: But still. You’re lucky. That school is so competitive, and —

BLM: I was an outstanding student. I’m not lucky.

WLSW: But School X is so hard to —

BLM morphs into the TABW.

TABW: I’m not lucky. How many white men wearing a School X t-shirt are ‘lucky’ they got in? And how many do you voluntarily confront when they ask you about towels, in the towel department?

WLSW: I… Well —

TABW: You’re lucky I don’t have time to report you to management. You’re lucky it’s Holy Week so that my temper is in check… and I’m lucky that I can buy towels elsewhere. You make me sick.

Three steps into the mall, TABW morphs into BLM. BLM turns back and walks to the executive offices to complain. The store manager apologizes, and BLM leaves without towels.
Source: Huff Post

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