Make Savory Donuts, Taste Life At Its Best

Donuts are a perfect food. Whether they’re raised or cakey, frosted or glazed, stuffed with fritters (no, that’s not a typo) or iced like Disney characters, they are grand. Each and every one of them. We could subsist on donuts for days, only we would miss the taste of salt (and the ability to see our toes).

Enter the savory donut.

Savory donuts are not new to the world. People have been experimenting with making donuts viable lunch or dinner options for a long time. There was the grilled cheese crescent donut. The donut burger. Dunkin’ Donuts even put its breakfast sandwiches on donuts. Those ones are questionable, but savory donuts done right — like the ones we found for you below — are wonderful. Check them out.

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Source: Huff Post

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