Man Cleared After Admitting He Put Bodily Fluid In Woman's Coffee

A man was cleared of sex charges even after he admitted to ejaculating into a female co-worker’s coffee cup.

John Robert Lind was charged with sexual assault but a judge said the Minnesota man’s conduct didn’t qualify as such because of a loophole in Minnesota law that doesn’t consider his behavior a sex crime.

Pat Maahs, the victim, told WTVR she’s intent on closing that loophole to make sure the man’s conduct would require him to register as a sex offender.

The Huffington Post doesn’t usually name the victims of sex crimes, but Maahs went public to tell her story.

Maahs, who works at Beisswengers hardware store in New Brighton, Minnesota, said she worked with Lind for 14 years. She said her coffee sometimes tasted funny over the course of six months.

Then, in August, she came back to her desk and saw the co-worker with a “deer-in-the-headlights look.” She looked down at her coffee cup and saw a puddle of fluid on her desk.

“That’s when I put it together,” Maahs said. “That’s what I had been tasting over previous occasions.”

In August, court documents filed by police said, “Lind said that he likes [the victim] and is attracted to her,” the court documents state. “Lind admitted that he ejaculated on [the victim’s] desk and in her coffee on August 26, 2014.”

When investigators pressed Lind further, he allegedly admitted to ejaculating into the victim’s coffee twice, within the last six months. He also allegedly admitted to four separate incidents where he ejaculated onto her desk or other items, police said.

“When asked why he did this, Lind said he thought it was a way to get [the victim] to notice him,” the court documents state. “He denied that it was a sexual compulsion that he could not control.”

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Source: Huff Post

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