Michelle Obama And Jimmy Fallon Just Took Their Mom Dance Moves To The Next Level

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon really know to bust a move.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of FLOUTS’ Let’s Move campaign, Obama teamed up with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday for the “Evolution Of Mom Dancing Part 2.” (Let’s just say they’ve really stepped it up since the original “Mom Dancing” performance in 2013.)

Featuring moves like “The ‘This Ol’ Thing? I Got It At Talbots,'” and “The ‘One Move Behind In Zumba Class,'” and even “The ‘Barack Obama,'” it’s safe to say that these two are officially a dream team.

In case you missed part one, which includes moves like “The ‘Just Hands Part Of Single Ladies,'” check it out here:

Source: Huff Post

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