March 8, 2021

Musician Keb' Mo' Explains Blues Music's Connection To The Church

Grammy award-winning blues musician Keb’ Mo’ may be just the man to explain what’s most authentic about the genre, which for him has a lot to do with its affiliation to Christianity.

“The blues is closer to the church, I think. You know, it’s going back to savior,” he told HuffPost live’s Marc Lamont Hill on Friday. “The blues is closer to church music because the church people didn’t like the blues. You know, like they didn’t like rock and roll. … So the blues is, you know, it’s kind of evil in a sense. But it’s actually the same music.”

The musician, whose new album “Blues Americana” is out now, said a blues singer like the late Howlin’ Wolf is like a “baptist preacher, sort of gone bad.”

Watch the full interview with Keb’ Mo’ here.

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Source: Huff Post

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