North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Wants To Boost Country's Sports Presence 'Guerrilla-Style'

Human rights travesties aside, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is not happy with his country’s athletic prowess, reportedly saying it’s “trailing behind the world.”

At times of peace, only athletes can fly the DPRK national flag in the sky of other countries,” Kim said in a letter to a national meeting of sportspeople and officials, the AFP reported, citing a state-run outlet, the Korean Central News Agency.

The AFP added that Kim, who said it would be best to focus on sports such as judo and boxing where the country has had past success, said improvement could be seen within a few years and pointed to military strategy as a means to achieve these goals.

“Sports officials and coaches must implement the tactics of anti-Japanese guerilla-style attacks in each sport event in order to take the initiative in every game and triumph,” Kim’s letter read.

Kim has been known for his interest in sports, perhaps most notably through his friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Rodman, along with a handful of other former players, traveled to Pyongyang last year for what Rodman called “basketball diplomacy,” which included a a game against a North Korean team in the country’s capital.

Source: Huff Post

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