Obama: I'm Hoping For A 'Post-Administration Glow' After I Leave Office And Can Get More Sleep

When asked how much sleep he gets a night, President Barack Obama said, “probably not enough.”

“I will say that when people leave the administration and I see them six months later, they have that post-administration glow,” Obama told The Huffington Post in a sit-down interview Friday. “They really look good. So I’m hoping the same happens to me.”

It’s rare that the president gets time to truly relax. Even while on vacation, Obama must deal with pressing issues. He frequently has to return to Washington, like he did in August 2014, when he cut short his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard amid the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, that followed the killing of Michael Brown.

Watch The Huffington Post’s full interview with President Obama here.
Source: Huff Post

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