One Family's Unwritten Recipe For Matzah Ball Soup

Not every kitchen creation comes from a cookbook. Some of the most memorable meals come from the ones passed down from generation to generation. Learn the family secrets that make this traditional Passover dish of Matzah Ball Soup so special on the premier episode of Unwritten Recipes with Felicia Levinson, a brand new HooplaHa Original Series. Felicia, mother, thespian and comfort cook creator, concocts dishes from the recipes she learned from mother, grandmother and other special family moments. Every dish comes with a story and every one is packaged with love.

Thinking of making this recipe shown here for your friends and family this Passover? Check out Felicia’s blog Unwritten Recipes for written instructions of Felicia’s Matzah Ball Soup, as well as countless other infamous creations.

This video was shot and edited by John Houghton. Want for more HooplaHa Originals that are sure to satisfy any busy mom? Check out the Just For Mom You Tube channel part of the HooplaHa network…and don’t forget to smile!
Source: Huff Post

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