Only Reality

Three a.m. in the morning; I woke up with jet leg in a small city of Rust, Germany. I came here for a conference and here I was laying on a big bed in a themed room only to have darkness as my company. As I sat in my bed, it was as if I could hear God speak to me. I was hit with comforting silence. My thoughts had cleared up, my worries went away and I could see my reality.

I live.
I have a purpose. I wake up. I’m still breathing. My heart is still beating. That is enough proof to know that I have a life of a purpose. For that I am grateful.

I smile.
They may be close; they may be far. I may have known them for years; I may not even know them at all. As long as there are those who are still breathing with a beating heart, I have a reason to smile. For that I am grateful.

I learn.
Physically, Soulfully, and Spiritually. As I travel through different chapters, I am continuing to grow and learn. As long as I’m growing and learning, I am living in Neverland and I remain a child. For that I am grateful.

I dance.
Music is everywhere. As long as there are sounds, we will have music. Whether that is the sound of the breeze that passes your fingertips, or that song that brings your hair stand, or even this silence that is surrounding me. There will always be music. This is enough reason for me to dance. For that I am grateful.

I love.
I am loved. That humbles me deeply. To be loved by anyone is enough reason to be love, to do everything with love, and to simply love.

There is much noise that clouds this reality sometimes. But at the core of this life, this is my ultimate and only reality.
Source: Huff Post

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