President Rouhani: Iran Will Honor Framework For Nuclear Agreement If World Powers Do

DUBAI, April 3 (Reuters) – Iran will honor a framework for a nuclear accord provided world powers with whom it struck the accord hold up their end of the deal, President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday, hailing what he called a historic agreement.

The tentative accord, struck on Thursday after eight days of talks in Switzerland, clears the way for a settlement to allay Western fears that Iran could build an atomic bomb, with economic sanctions on Tehran being lifted in return.

“If we’ve given a promise … we will take action based on that promise. Of course, that depends on the other side taking action on their promises too,” he said in a live televised address. He added that world powers now accepted Iran could enrich uranium on its own soil, something he said they had once argued posed a threat the region.

(Reporting by Babak Dehghanpisheh and Sam Wilkin, Writing by William Maclean)
Source: Huff Post

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