January 27, 2021

Protest Photos Speak To Climate In Ferguson After Shooting Of Two Officers

After more than 200 days of peaceful protest, demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri took a turn for the worse with the shooting of two police officers Thursday morning.

However, the ambush did not delay demonstrations and protesters continued to rally outside the Ferguson Police Department that evening. Prayers, candles and a vigil accompanied the usual signs and songs of past demonstrations.

As the manhunt for the perpetrator/s who critically wounded the officers ensues, residents and police enforcement are forced to function during a tense time for the community.

“The whole St. Louis community is a little bit on edge,” St. Louis alderman Antonio French told HuffPost Live on Thursday. “This really shows how divided the community is and how vulnerable we all are. Everyone is surprised by the violence last night and saddened.”

Videos, tweets and broadcasts have captured the aftermath of the city and how it is dealing with the shooting.

However, we’ve gathered photographs from Thursday’s protest so you can see for yourself below:

Source: Huff Post

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