Rahm Emanuel Wants To Capitalize On Controversy In Neighboring Indiana

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) isn’t letting the crisis in neighboring Indiana over a controversial religious freedom law go to waste.

Emanuel, who faces re-election next week, has urged about a dozen Indiana businesses to move to Chicago as many have publicly expressed their concern that the law permits discrimination against LGBT employees.

In a letter to the Indiana businesses, Emanuel said that the new law would lead to discrimination against LGBT employees in Indiana and harm the state’s ability to attract top talent, Crain’s Chicago Business reported.

“But (Chicago’s) great strength is the quality of our workforce and the fact that Chicago is a welcoming place,” Emanuel wrote in the letter, according to Crain’s. “As Gov. Pence changes state law to take Indiana backwards, I urge you to look next door.”

Pence has said that the law does not permit discrimination, but Indiana corporate leaders have said that they were “deeply concerned” about the impact the law could have on their employees.

Both Illinois and Chicago have anti-discrimination measures in place that include protections for LGBT individuals. While Indianapolis currently has similar protections in place, Pence has said that he is uninterested in pursuing similar protections at the state level.

Emanuel aides told Crain’s that they haven’t heard back from any businesses interested in relocating to Chicago.

H/T Crain’s Chicago Business
Source: Huff Post

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