See Who's in the Final Four of Historic Bars

Milwaukee's Holler House is home to the nation's oldest certified bowling alley.
Milwaukee’s Holler House is home to the nation’s oldest certified bowling alley.

Fun fact: We received more than 13,000 (!) votes in the latest round of The Big Tap: Historic Bars Tournament 2015 — which means everyone must have been comfortably seated on their favorite bar stool, sending in vote after vote for their historic bar of choice.

And who can blame them for such loyal devotion? Our Final Four are colorful and crazy, wild and welcoming — everything a great bar should be. Check out who is still in the running for a championship slot.

Tootsies Orchid Lounge 2,216 — 629 Safe House
Tootsies shot up the Safe House and took no prisoners in this Elite Eight massacre.

Holler House 3,366 — 452 Gangway Bar
In this battle of the dives, Holler House left Gangway Bar under the table like a crushed peanut shell.

The Corner Club has been a Moscow, Idaho, institution since 1948.

The Corner Club 2,716 — 1,451 Backroom Bar
When you’re hot, you’re hot. The Corner Club raids another Manhattan bar room and makes off with the hooch.

The Mint Bar 1,597 — 1,331 The Old Talbott Tavern
The state of Kentucky might be rolling in the NCAA tournament, but Wyoming’s wild Western Mint Bar shot the lights out to advance to the historic bars Final Four.

Don’t let the dainty Orchid or delicate Mint fool you — we have some serious brawlers in the Final Four, and it’s anyone’s game. So whether you voted once or a thousand times, get back in there and help your favorite bar advance. Cast your vote today!
Source: Huff Post

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