January 26, 2021

Short Film Explores The Unexpected Beauty Of Vintage Maps

The Los Angeles Review of Books is proud to present a new short documentary from LA-based filmmaker Alec Ernest. “Living History: The John Feathers Map Collection” is the the story of an extraordinary hidden treasure and a glimpse into the reclusive soul that protected it for years.

The story begins with Glen Creason, Map Librarian at Los Angeles Central Library and author of Los Angeles in Maps, who recounts his experience in October 2012 when a real estate agent rang him about a soon-to-be-demolished house in Mt. Washington that was “full of maps”. Thinking he’d find a box of National Geographics at best, Creason reluctantly set out for the house. But once he arrived he discovered so many precious maps that he had to return with a truck and an army of volunteers to cart them away.
Source: Huff Post

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