So That Happened: Aaron Schock's Resignation Shockingly Doesn't Fix Washington Corruption

So, that happened. This week, the GOP released budget proposals and it’s good news if you like massive cuts in discretionary spending and a bloated defense budget. We’ll detail the broad strokes of a funding fantasia that probably won’t pass and will likely lead to some new apocalyptic showdown.

Listen to this week’s “So, That Happened” below:

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Some highlights from this week:

“They would put a lid on Medicaid spending, put a lid on food stamps spending, but they came to Social Security and said, ‘Someone’s got to figure this out, perhaps a bipartisan commission.’ This is literally what it says in the text of the actual legislation.” — Arthur Delaney

Meanwhile, Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock is resigning his seat, after the public disclosure of his “Downton Abbey”-themed office inspired reporters to investigate the numerous ways Schock was spending taxpayer money. But is this the best we can do when it comes to fighting government corruption? Sadly, yes.

“Congress is by and large a few hundred empty vessels into which major corporate interests and lobbyists fill ideas that they then parrot back and make into laws. So we caught Aaron Schock, and taxpayers have the right to be aggrieved, but what we don’t do is have this hallelujah chorus saying, ‘Yeah we got one!’” — Jason Linkins

Finally, Starbucks has decided to take on race relations in America by asking baristas to lead a national conversation about it. Are they getting paid more? Will the coffee taste better? What is a caramel flan latte, exactly? We have three white dudes on hand to talk about this, so sit back and listen to us make a sad, blundering hash of unformed thoughts and unintended micro-aggressions out of this topic.

“It does seem like you’re asking for there to be a lot of really tense conversations in the Starbucks, but come on, he’s trying. We go through problems with race relations, and I think they would get better if we talked about them more instead of having Fox News and MSNBC yelling at people.” — Zach Carter

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