Surfer Mark Healey Jumps Off Boat And Into A Monster Wave

Surfer Mark Healey has seen his share of hairy moments in the water, but not many will top this one.

While out on a boat in the rough waters of the famed Mavericks surf spot in California’s Half Moon Bay, Healey spotted a big wave and jumped into it.

“Typically, in a potential maritime disaster, the best idea is to stay with the boat,” the 33-year-old told Fox News. “But I really didn’t feel like getting smashed around like an ice cube in a shaker, so I looked to my friends to the left and right of me and just told them, ‘I don’t know about you guys, but I’m jumping.'”

In addition to surfing, Healey is also a stuntman, spear fisherman, free-diver, skydiver and more, so he might be missing the gene that would keep most other people planted to the deck of the boat or avoiding rough waters in the first place.

Fortunately, both Healey and the boat seemed to come through the encounter just fine.

“I came up pretty much dying laughing, and then I checked to make sure everybody was OK on the boat,” Healey told Fox News “There was some damaged equipment — soaked cameras — but everybody was pretty much in good shape.”

The incident took place in December, which is when Healey initially posted the video to his Facebook page.

This was the best wave I got, at Mavericks Saturday! Hahaha!” Healey wrote. “That’s me flying through the air, trying to put as much space between myself and the potentially doomed boat. Enjoy……”

The clip has been going viral since being posted to YouTube earlier this month as a submission for the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards, although it was his other epic wipeout that was eventually nominated.

Last year, Healey posted a video showing himself getting thrown around by a 25-foot wave, also at Mavericks.
Source: Huff Post

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