The 8 Shows Everyone Over 50 Should Binge-Watch

Post 50s may not be watching HBO’s “Girls” — the only scene we remember was Hannah walking in on her parents having sex in the shower — but we are certainly tuning in to other shows. In the custom of the day, here’s what our Facebook readers recommended when we asked what to binge-watch:

1. House of Cards.

This winner of two Golden Globes, “House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey as a politician who works with his equally manipulative wife to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him. Beth Greenshields Courrau said she just finished watching the season and Judy Mollen Walters, is also a faithful binge-watcher. For many Huff/Post50 readers, the answer to Frank Underwood’s question, “what are you looking at?” is “you, baby!”

2. Parenthood.

Judy Mollen Walters wasn’t the only reader who is busy streaming old episodes of “Parenthood.” Joan Scaringe Monson said she’s rewatched the show from the pilot episode up to Season 3. Can’t say we blame them. The show ended recently after seven seasons. Who won’t miss those Braverman family gatherings?

3. The Wire.

We were glad to see that Maria Mosquera Scherer is a fan of “The Wire.” Set in Baltimore, this edgy drama portrayed the gritty side of gang violence and police work with an amazing ensemble cast. It’s one of our all-time favorite shows, and not unlike the “Sopranos,” had bad guys we got attached to. Take Omar, the meanest dude around.

4. The Sopranos.

Speaking of the “Sopranos,” we’re not sure why no one mentioned it. We’re adding it to this list anyway since it was one of the greatest TV shows ever created and should be mandatory viewing for all bingers. RIP James Gandolfini.

5. Brooklyn 99.

We agree that not everything has to be dark and violent. Cherese Joy is a fan of “Brooklyn 99,” and we get why. It’s a smart comedy, set around a Brooklyn police precinct.

6. Mad Men.

Brandy Joyce had a whole bunch of favorites, including “Mad Men,” “Californication,” and “Grey’s Anatomy” — which she calls “therapy.” “Mad Men” is a perennial favorite of viewers of all ages. We suspect some of our readers will identify with the social mores and stylings of the 1960s here.

7. Golden Girls.

We’d watch Betty White in anything, so we weren’t surprised to see “Golden Girls on Donald MacMelville’s list. Plus the idea of communal living as you get older is making a comeback!

8. Breaking Bad.

OK, this one is an editors’ choice. Walter White just leaves us speechless.

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