January 26, 2021

The Best High School Hack for Students Wanting to Free Up Time

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Answer by Nicolas Cole, Writer, Marketing Consultant, Artist

I found that quite a bit of high school work could be completed during the school day.

During my adolescence, I wanted to become a professional gamer. I was playing World of Warcraft at an extremely competitive level, and I was spending as much time as possible on my computer. In order for such a feat to occur, I needed all the free time I could find.

My daily homework schedule ended up looking something like this:

2nd period: 1st period’s homework
3rd period: 2nd period’s homework
4th period: 3rd period’s homework


I found that so much of each class period was wasted by students asking unnecessary questions, teachers rambling on, that I decided to get ahead. Most days, before I even arrived home, I had all my homework completed, leaving me with only the larger assignments such as projects or essays.

After school, I would play World of Warcraft for about an hour — the only hour of the day my parents were still at work and I was left unsupervised. As soon as they were home, it was back to the books.

At the kitchen table, I’d get done whatever I had to get done. Since they were very strict about my allotted gameplay time, I worked ahead if I’d finished all my work because I couldn’t go upstairs and play World of Warcraft anyway. For the most part, I had essays and projects completed well in advance.

Late at night, after everyone went to bed, is when I stayed up and gamed. I usually started around 11pm and ended around 3am. I’d sleep for 4-5 hours and then do it again.

High School is broad and students have different interests. Replace my World of Warcraft time with whatever it is you’re looking to achieve or get involved in, and you’ll find success — while at the same time staying on top of your grades. By the time I was 17, I was one of the highest ranked WoW players in North America, and when I graduated high school I was one of the most popular World of Warcraft bloggers on the Internet with a pending salary blog writing position. I graduated with a B average. Not bad for a kid who didn’t care at all about academics.

Time management is about making use of all the little windows of time during the day when you’d otherwise be staring across the room or daydreaming or listening to a teacher ramble. Pull out a book and get to work. If you know you’ll get in trouble, hide it behind another book. If you’re a high schooler, I have faith. You’ll get creative and figure out a way to do it.

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