The Power of Novelty and Challenge

We can experience more energy, engagement and enthusiasm in life when we tap into the power of novelty and challenge.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Making Novelty Meaningful: When something is novel to us, it feels fresh and activates our brain in a very different way. When we see or experience something new, we feel rewarded. The challenge in the modern era is when novelty drives us to distraction. That drive of dopamine that rewards us for paying attention to new things can therefore become our worst enemy! For novelty to positively activate us in our lives, we must plan for it. Make sure you’re learning new things you that will help you grow and advance your life. Ask yourself, “What would I love to learn to get better at what I do in my life?” When you pay attention to new things in this area, novelty becomes meaningful and helps you develop. This is the way to make sure the novelty you experience feels exciting and fully charged!

2. Making Challenges Meaningful: Challenge is everything for our own advancement and growth. It’s one of the Forward Drives that can activate our lives. Oftentimes if we ever feel bored or frustrated in our lives, we’re simply lacking a meaningful challenge! Ask yourself, “What new meaningful challenges am I pursuing right now?” Meaningful challenges have two components: Creative Expression and Contribution. We get excited about new challenges that creatively express what we think, what we feel and who we are AND provide the opportunity to contribute something meaningful. So make sure the challenges you take on are part of your life’s work and not just busywork. This is the difference between challenges that feel like a responsibility and one in which there is true contribution.

So what new challenges can you take on personally or as a team to stretch the boundaries of your beliefs and behaviors? You can purposefully add more novelty to your life and challenge yourself creatively in a contribution-oriented way. This is the way to keep yourself energized, excited and living The Charged Life!

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