This 7-Year-Old Girl's Emotional Rant Will Warm Even The Coldest Of Hearts

Even if your heart has grown cold and hardened after years of disappointment and frustration, even if you find yourself wandering through life wondering what became of your once promising potential — even then, you’ll still find it impossible not to smile a little while watching this adorable 7-year-old complain about the New Orleans Saints trading away her favorite NFL player, tight end Jimmy Graham:

“Wherever Jimmy Graham goes is where I go, no matter what team.”

The girl’s name is Lexia Woods, and after the video inevitably racked up a huge number of views on YouTube (which is not surprising considering it is nothing short of Internet perfect), ESPN invited her on for a little surprise.

We’ll let you watch what happened rather than give it away:

A lot of horrible things happen in the world. But this is one of those few times where it’s fine to just smile and be like “cool.” And isn’t that the Internet at its best?
Source: Huff Post

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