January 26, 2021

This Weekend's Moment Of Photography Zen Shows The Beauty Of All Things Retro

Your favorite childhood toy, a black-and-white polaroid, your first car, your grandparents’ first car, an original comic book, an old fashioned theater marquis. There is something about the stuff of yesteryear, be it last summer or before you were born, that seems almost touched by magic. It’s hard to explain how the passage of time effects the objects it leaves behind, but there’s something about their simple beauty and the nostalgia that accompanies them that gets us every time.


Today we’re taking a hot second to travel back in time, acknowledging the mundane yet enchanting details that make outdated objects irresistible. From vintage maps to ruby red Coca-Cola trucks and faded Mickey Mouse paraphernalia, the following throwback photos will provide you that nostalgia fix you’ve been thirsting for. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and happy time traveling!

Source: Huff Post

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