Top Dream Colleges In 2015, According To The Princeton Review

Stanford University has retained its top spot as the dream college for both students and parents for the third year, according to the Princeton Review. Harvard University follows close behind in second on both lists.

The Princeton Review, a college rankings publisher, makes the annual list of “dream colleges” by surveying parents and students on what college they would most like to attend if cost and acceptance were not an issue.

The dream colleges features a smattering of Ivies, but well-known state schools like the University of California-Los Angeles help make up the lists. Six of the students’ top 10 colleges are Ivy League — Brown University and Dartmouth College are left off the list — while only four of the parents’ top 10 choices for their children are in the Ivies. Parents were more interested in bigger universities such as the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and the University of Notre Dame.

New York University came in as the third dream college for students, but trailed at sixth for parents.

The Princeton Review also confirmed in their survey what most teenagers already know: College applications are stressful. Seventy-three percent of students and parents indicated that they had “high” or “very high” levels of stress over applying to school. The survey also asked what advice they would give students applying to college next year. The most repeated words of advice? “Start early.”

See what colleges students want to go to and parents want their children to go to:

Students’ Dream Colleges

Parents’ Dream Colleges For Their Children

Source: Huff Post

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