Transform Your Inspiration Into Purpose

Not too long ago being a mother inspired me — the stories, the books, the websites. I couldn’t get enough of it. I craved any and everything pertaining to being a mother. You could say it was my passion.

I am still a mother, of slightly older kids, but no longer searching out sources of inspiration. I still love my life as a mother but I would say my passion has moved on.

So what is my passion now? I will have to pause a moment to first consider what inspires me.

Inspiration is that which gets us excited or interested. We all get inspired and we all get inspired by different things. This is because our personal inspirations are meant only for us at a time when we are ready for them.

Inspiration is a calling, a voice inside us trying to be heard. When something inspires us it is time to listen. When we allow our inspirations to be recognized they will lead us toward our passions. How, you ask? Consider the following:

1.) Take note during the day of the things that speak to you. Chances are you will hear, see or read something that stands out. If this happens pause and consider this. Chances are it means something to you and your direction.

2.) When you meet someone new or learn about someone and you can’t quite get them out of your head consider what it is about this person that intrigues you.

3.) What from your day is still with you upon falling asleep? Chances are the thoughts you go to bed with have a purpose that needs to be further explored. On the other end of the pillow, what thoughts do you wake with?

4.)What have you been reading? What books, articles, websites, etc. are you reading or interested in reading? Is there a common theme? Chances are if there is, that theme is calling out to you. What is it saying?

What lights you up? What brings you joy? These things are meant for you.

Spend a week making a list of those things or people that have resonated and inspired you. At the end of the week edit your list by crossing out what no longer speaks to you. Chances are what’s left on your list is important to the next stage in your life.

I have noticed through the years that inspiration leads me in the direction I need to go. Open your heart, thoughts and eyes to your inspiration. Chances are you will be lead on a fabulous journey to your new found purpose.
Source: Huff Post

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