Watch Evan Rachel Wood Break Down Gender Stereotypes And Get Stoned With Grandmas

Is there anything Evan Rachel Wood wouldn’t do? Apparently not.

In a new video produced for Willdfang, a tomboy-style clothing line, Evan Rachel Wood becomes #EvanRachelWould and says yes to every adventure she comes across. Her awesome escapades include:

Attending a book reading with Sonic Youth front woman Kim Gordon…
book reading

Participating in a mascot training camp…

Smoking weed with a few badass grandmas…

And singing with Beth Ditto in a karaoke bar where they come up with the perfect name for a band: The Lady Balls.
beth ditto

Wood also volunteers to direct a children’s production of “Romeo And Juliet,” where she oversees some tykes breaking down gender-based dress codes. When a young Romeo asks why Juliet isn’t wearing a dress, mini Juliet — who is wearing overalls — replies: “Conventional femininity is a choice, not a mandate. Gender dress codes are social constructs that we all have a right to challenge.”


Preach, tiny Juliet.

Watch the full video above to see more of #EvanRachelWould’s fearless adventures.
Source: Huff Post

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