What to Do When You Lose Hope

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

We all have different hopes in our lives. For some of us it is to start a family, get our dream job, have children, make enough money to support ourselves, or to win the lottery. This hope propels us forward. It gives us purpose and it makes waking up exciting.

This hope is not always present though. It can be lost sight of. Maybe the relationship that you were holding onto ended, you lost your job, a family member, or maybe things didn’t go the way you wanted them to go. When this happens, that perception shift can take place and in a moment, you can go from a place of hope and excitement to one of loss and discouragement.

The good thing is that there are things to do and actions to be taken when hope is lost. Here are some ideas.

1. Realize you are not alone.
When you’re in the mindset of hopelessness, it is so easy to feel alone. Suddenly your world becomes smaller and smaller and you think it’s just you going through whatever it is you’re experiencing. Remember that you are not alone. You are part of something so much bigger than you. Connect with that.

2. Speak to someone about your feelings.
With no hope, you’re in pain and you’re suffering. This is a cycle of self-pity and shame. By opening up about what you’re experiencing, you are giving these emotions less power. You are giving yourself the power and love you deserve. You are speaking your truth, and with that, there is hope.

3. Think only in terms of today.
Many of us can live in the future. It takes us out of the moment. Out of the gratitude that is in store for us now. It leads us to living in the future and searching for some form of relief. By thinking only in terms of today, things are much more bearable and simple. With this comes an easier and softer way of living, leading to a deeper sense of hope and faith.

4. Speak to yourself like you would speak to a friend.
Our minds can speak negatively to us. They can tell us we’re not good enough, worthy enough, smart enough, and the list goes on. By believing these thoughts, feelings of hopelessness become present. Would you speak to your best friend like this? Practice some compassion for yourself and remember, you are not your mind or your thoughts. The more you attach your identity to your mind, the more you lose your innate power within.

5. Connect to the bigger picture and larger purpose for you.
You are part of something much bigger and greater than you are even aware of. When your world is becoming smaller and smaller and you’re feeling terminally unique, take a step back and remember that you have the ability to connect to someone or something whenever you choose. The more you resist this, the more the feelings of hopelessness and despair are present. This doesn’t need to be the case anymore.
Source: Huff Post

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