What Your Girlfriends Won't Tell You About Sweatpants: # 1 Cause of Divorce?

Eva Mendes, celeb-tress/spokesmodel partner of heartthrob Ryan Gosling made Twitter’s trending feed by commenting during an interview on Extra that sweatpants were the #1 cause of divorce, a statement her plus one attempted to clear up via social media.

Online media feeds off sound bites. My first reaction to Ms. Mendes was that she’s onto something. As the other of a newborn, she likely gets the challenge in maintaining sex appeal when you’re exhausted and covered with infant spittle.

No, sweatpants don’t cause divorce any more than yoga pants cause infidelity.

But the elastic waistband (replace with stained t-shirts, baggy panties, take your pick) is a definite passion killer.

The insouciant or even careless approach to appearance is like the comfort food of long term relationships, the sartorial equivalent to leaving the bathroom door open when you are “otherwise engaged.”

Men and women would like to believe the safety zone is built upon a love so strong no man can put asunder but maintaining passion is important to a relationship. Letting yourself go isn’t especially respectful to a partner. It’s like bait and switch.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and late night feedings don’t exactly call out “sex kitten” and more than a few men have turned the switch to think of a wife as a mom and no longer that playmate in a negligee. Keeping those fires stoked takes work on both sides. (So men, lose the ratty college sweatshirt and straight leg jeans!)

How we dress does impact how we feel about ourselves. Loose sweats and a stained tee shirt call out an evening on the couch with Netflix and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s much more than an evening of romance and passion. It’s pretty hard to get in the mood when you or your mate are dressed like slobs.

Well, unless your partner is Ryan Gosling!
Source: Huff Post

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