Why I'm Proud of 'Welcome to New York'

Finally, Welcome to New York is coming. I’m very happy about it, in spite of all the rumpus which hit before the Cannes Film Festival last May, when at the last moment it was not accepted into the official competition due to endless talk of a sex-filled beginning, pitted up with sympathy and the French attitude of providing protection to the characters who inspired the story.

Mr. Ferrara (the director), with whom you don’t work unless you’re pretty prepared for a raw and truthful ride, fully took his directorial journey, uncompromising in all things.

What became clear was that the film was a much broader comment on the world than the immediate story, which was pretty undefined in the script; a good one, but not an “in stone” one. This film is about the corruption of power, how thoroughly power corrupts at this time in history, the assumption of sexual privilege by men in power (and women too!). Should a film protesting the sexual privilege too often presumed by many top political and financial figures not show how despicable their actions are? Is this the right film to have cut away from the flames in the fire place? This is about bestial sexual abuse and to disguise its terrible violence is an insult to the women who have endured it.

Gerard Depardieu is quite extraordinary in his character of ‘Deveraux’ and I am good as his wife.

The chemistry was there and the situation was very relatable too, as so many of us have experienced a breakdown of a great love. I am convinced that this was a great love. I believe Gerard and the film’s writer and director have caught very graphically the degree to which some financial, political, and even military leaders sell out the public trust. I’m wondering why they’ve gone so Pollyanna on this particular film which has, in the mix, received its own good share of approving reviews and commendations of Gerard’s and my work.

Working with Abel Ferrara was exciting and respectful and I’d do it again with pleasure.
Source: Huff Post

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