Why Losing A Presidential Campaign Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

Sometimes it pays to be a loser in a presidential campaign — at least that’s what this week’s Trail to the Chief contends.

Usually when White House candidates admit defeat and drop out of the primary race, they begin the seemingly humiliating process of campaigning for those still in the running. But what kind of politician would settle for just playing cheerleader when he or she can also embrace the perks of losing?

Watch a HuffPost Live clip from this week’s Trail to the Chief above.

One way that many defeated candidates profit off their loss is through higher speaking fees.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was making about $200,000 per speaking event after her failed 2008 run for president. Former Vice President Al Gore rakes in approximately $100,000 per event. Even losing VP candidate Sarah Palin earns $100,000 per speaking engagement.

Speeches aren’t the only means of filling a failed presidential candidate’s coffers. Former candidates have been known to launch their own media outlets, begin big-time lobbying or even leap into reality television.

Whatever the strategy, it’s comforting to know that life is far from over after the final rally ends.
Source: Huff Post

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