Why People Who Start Exercising Can't Stop Talking About Exercising

Over two years ago I decided I’d had enough of my body and lifestyle, and I made a New Year’s resolution to stop talking and start doing. I changed how I ate and what I did with, and to, my body. I became a fan of the hashtag #fitspo and #fitspiration and started following fitness gurus on Instagram. I even became part of that online community myself by adding my own before/after pictures.


The fitness community are an evangelical bunch; loving to chat and share their own fitness tips and activities with each other, and anyone who will listen. So why is it that people who get fit and start exercising can’t shut up about it?

1. Talking about it makes it seem real. I’m still surprised I’m someone who visits a gym, or the type of person who enjoys a run. Saying it loud reminds me that it’s true!

2. Getting fit feels brilliant. I’d love more people to realize this, and not waste years like I did. Watching your body change, get strong and fit is so empowering. It’s also not as unachievable as it at first may seem.

3. Exercising feels brilliant. The brain reacts to exercise chemically in a way that makes you feel ready to take on the world. It often gives a sense of clarity, a practice of mindfulness and living in the moment.

4. Pushing your boundaries makes your soul feel pretty badass, and too many people feel trapped in bodies that they incorrectly assume cannot get fit.

5. Getting fit improves so much about your life, and it’s easy to see ways it would improve the lives of those around you too.

6. Our minds and motivation are a result of what we fill our thoughts with, so talking and thinking about fitness keeps us on the right path.

7. People who get fit would love to share the gift of fitness. I’d love everyone I know to know how great it can feel to exercise and get stronger.

8. I used to have a bunch of excuses that held me back from getting fitter. My knees wouldn’t carry much weight, my boobs wouldn’t let me run, but actually the reverse was true. My knees were weak because I didn’t exercise. I love to help people challenge their own incorrect-truths


9. Documenting something by taking a selfie, or telling someone about it, reminds you that it happened. I know that if I want to go the gym after work, but fear embracing laziness instead, I just need to tell someone! Then my ego makes sure I go!

10. When someone tells you that something you shared inspired them to get moving, it gives you the warm and fuzzies. It also makes you want to share more!

I’m no fitness guru; you’ll find no six pack here. Yet I have managed to maintain a lifestyle that features exercise pretty regularly. I may have less active times than others, but it remains a life long commitment I stick to enough to feel satisfied with. I enjoy the challenge and the journey of getting fitter, stronger and leaner. I keep talking about it to make sure I never fall too far from the wagon, because the wagon feels good.
Source: Huff Post

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