January 25, 2021

You Can Finally Watch Tommy Wiseau's Sitcom 'The Neighbors' On Hulu

If you’ve seen “The Room” or are even slightly aware of the cult phenomenon that followed the “worst movie ever made,” then you know who Tommy Wiseau is. You might also know that for over five years he’s been working on a follow-up sitcom titled “The Neighbors.”

First there was a teaser trailer back in 2009, then Wiseau screened the pilot last year and re-announced the sitcom with a website. But now “The Neighbors” is finally here, and you can stream the first four episodes on Hulu Plus. The remaining eight episodes will be released in two more batches this summer.

Wiseau wrote and directed the show, and also stars in it as two characters: Charlie, an apartment complex manager, and, according to Entertainment Weekly, “a teenager named Ricky Rick.” But instead of attempting to describe what the heck “The Neighbors” is actually about, we’ll just give you the exact synopsis, which tells you everything (but really nothing) you need to know:

“The Neighbors” is a sitcom about the relationship between a group of neighbors who live in an apartment building. The lead character is Charlie, the manager of the building. The tenants are a diverse group of personalities, all of different ages and backgrounds, constantly bringing their problems to Charlie and his secretary / girlfriend Bebe. The character of Princess Penelope creates a commotion after she witnesses the ghost of her uncle Prince Charles. It is a fresh and humorous look at human behavior through different points of view. This cocktail of characters always guarantees plenty of surprises. The demographic is all inclusive.

Go get out your collection of spoons, grab a football and binge on the first batch of “Neighbors” episodes. And if you don’t? In the words of Wiseau, you’re just a chicken.
Source: Huff Post

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